About Us


Family Owned and Operated

Hot days, puns and LOTS of Cuban Coffee! This is our typical day at the distillery. We grew up in Miami,Florida and moved to Orlando in 2002.  We are all about our faith, family and of course...or dogs! Making liquor  has become a passion for our family. Our products are a reflection of our lives and there is a story behind each one. We invite you to take a tour of our Distillery, and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!


The Adventure

Ever want to do something that everyone said was impossible? Did you do it? We did, when we set out to build our own distillery, brand and business we had no idea what lie ahead, all we knew was that it would be a challenge. Challenge accepted!!  Now here we are living our dream! We love hearing our customers say how "smooth" our spirits are. Or when they close their eyes and just bask in the creaminess of the "Coquito". When they smack their lips after trying the "Honey Lemon" and say "wow...that ..is..gooood...how much for the bottle?" It is a "high five" moment for us!



As we continue to build our brand we invite you to give our "heard" a try. The Ox brand was built on the fact that the Ox is a strong , intimidating and, hard working animal. Our family, like many of your families, have gone through tremendous loss and heart ache, trials and troubles but we refuse to give up.  We might be a small little distillery in the middle of Orlando, but our products can square off with any other spirits out there. We work hard to bring you the BEST whiskey, rum and vodka we can make. We really want to say that our products are made with "love" which they are, but they also include passion.

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